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“One of the most animated, energetic and captivating show's I have ever seen.” // Drayton Manor Club.


 – Ultra Violet Puppet Act


  The Groovy UV Show is the established UK No.1 Blacklight Ultra-Violet ‘glow-in-the-dark’ performance company with more than 24 year's specialist experience in the field.


  Located in the heart of the country it’s the perfect location for supplying the entire UK. The visual nature of The Groovy UV Show takes them all around the world.


  Led by Krystian Wharton, It was founded after the expansion of a former Blacklight Company called ‘Corlett’s Characters’.

 With over 300 characters & props Groovy UV have an extensive collection of material at your disposal, that can be applied and adapted to suit-whatever the project, occasion or venue.


    A single 45 minute production can feature up to 80 different characters!

Using puppets, costumes, props & tricks that are the very best around, made to the highest standards & totally professional – No flat, two-dimensional or lifeless cut-out figures to be found..


  The Groovy UV Show is the only UV show in the UK that have original soundtracks — music, songs & scripts written & performed exclusively for Krazy Krys. As well as using songs we all know and love. Show's can also be produced in different European languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian).


This is why the critics have consistently declared

The Groovy UV Show the

'UK’s No.1 in Ultra-Violet Entertainment'.

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